Products & Services
Calata Corporation fully supports the agriculture industry of the Philippines with a wide-range of innovative products and techniques.
Calata is one of the country’s largest agricultural conglomerates
From raw materials, planting, processing until the finished products, Calata is involved with main thrust of sustaining and energizing each segment of the Food & Agricultural Process.


Food & Agricultural Process Diagram

Planting Equipment Seeds Pesticides / Insecticides
Distributions Retail Stores
Corn Planting Cassava Planting Soya Distribution Fruits/Vegetable Planting Rice Planting
Feed Miller Feed Miller Other Feed Millers Fruits/Vegetable Planting Rice Processing
Animal Feeds Animal Feeds
Contract Growing Other Chicken/Hog Growers Vet Medicines Fruits/Vegetables Distributors Rice Distributors
Chicken Meat Pork Meat Fruits/Vegetable Rice