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Published on 04-01-2018

To Our Dear Shareholders,


Greetings of Peace!


As we welcome 2018, we do so with a sense of renewed commitment to continue the journey towards the Company's mission to constantly increase profitability and enhance shareholder value. Indeed, last year was a very difficult year as the Company was faced with issues confronting regulatory matters. Because of this, it cannot be denied that the business was slightly affected. 


The Company, however, is confident that a win-win solution will be achieved soon and that all shareholders will be apprised of significant milestones and developments immediately. 


In the meantime, management has not ceased in proceeding with its plan of implementing its aggressive business expansion and growth. All upcoming agri-related projects and programs shall be disclosed for the information of all in order to be updated with developments in the business. The Management is likewise looking into all its business development initiatives as a dynamic approach towards its objective of dramatically increasing profitability. 


With all its plans and programs, together your continued support, the Company's business expects to yield very positive results for 2018. 


Happy New Year and God Bless us all. 



The Management


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